High Blood Pressure (Hypertension): Overview, Causes, Symptoms, Treatments, Prevention & Effects

High Blood pressure (hypertension): Overview, causes, symptoms, treatments, prevention & effects

"Recent studies have revealed that children 8 - 10 years old are being diagnosed with type II diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure at an alarming rate"
- Lee Haney

What is high blood pressure (hypertension)?

          High blood pressure is a condition that caused by the high and long term force of the blood against the artery walls in the human body. These days because of many reasons such as high smoking and alcohol usage, lack of exercises, unhealthy diet and mostly the busyness people easily get caught by high blood pressure knowingly or unknowingly. Most people around the world get this disease as a simple and ignorable one. But the truth is this disease is more complex than you think and this can turn you in to a life time patient or worst. For examples this increase the risk for growing other diseases such as strokes, kidney diseases and mostly heart diseases.

          Let’s try do define high blood pressure (hypertension) using the table given below.

  Systolic blood pressure
Diastolic blood pressure
Normal below 120 below 80
Elevated blood pressure 120 – 139 80 – 89
High blood pressure – Stage I 140 – 159 90 – 99
High blood pressure – Stage II above 160 above 100
    Classification of blood pressure

But did you know what systolic blood pressure is?

What are systolic and diastolic blood pressure
What are systolic and diastolic blood pressure

          Within the circulatory process human heart exerts a force on the walls of the arteries. This force we measure by certain numbers. Systolic blood pressure is the top number that we use to measure the force that human heart exerts on the walls of the arteries between the beats of the heart.

But did you know what diastolic blood pressure is?

          Now I think you can understand the meaning of diastolic blood pressure. This is the botoom number that we use to measure the force that human heart exerts on the walls of the arteries each time it beats in the process.

          Now you get a clear image about this disease.

          By completing this article you will know all about and how we overcome this disease by then live long healthy happy life. Let’s begin…..

What are the types of high blood pressure (hypertension)?

          Ok. Now you all are somewhat aware about high blood pressure. So let’s take another step. Let’s talk about the types of high blood pressure.

          There are two main types of high blood pressure (hypertension) issues that we can get infected. They are,

  • Essential(Primary) hypertension
  • Secondary hypertension

          Let’s get a brief knowledge about these things one by one.

Essential(Primary) hypertension

          This is the type of high blood pressure that develop with the age of a person. There is no such reason for this. This normally happens due to the over and over processes in the body within many many years. But the thing you should know about is if you have primary hypertension you have a risk for other non-communicable diseases and may be you have one such as heart diseases, kidney diseases and diabetes. So you must be careful if you notice you have this primary hypertension.

Secondary hypertension

          But some people suddenly show high blood pressure because of the primary disease conditions and some medications. This type of high blood pressure is secondary hypertension. Such diseases are kidney diseases, thyroid problems, obesity and stress. Such medications are decongestants, control tablets and drugs such as cocaine.

          So these are the types of this disease you should mainly know about. Check your blood pressure at least per month and refer this again and again and get better.

How high blood pressure (hypertension) occurs?

Did you know how high blood pressure occurs?
How high blood pressure occurs?

          If you want a simple explanation about how this disease occurs, the most common reason is their age. But let me give you some factors that lead us to hypertension. So you can avoid these things and reduce the risk for secondary hypertension too. Ok let’s talk about one by one then.

1. Age

          The main factor that most people diseased from high blood pressure is their age. Within the age 18-40 if you have primary diseases such as kidney diseases and obesity you have a risk for secondary hypertension and people with age above 40 to 65-70 have a risk for primary hypertension. Risk is getting high with your age.

2. Unhealthy diet

          With their works people use to get more and more fast food these days. So that more people are getting far from a healthy diet. The main nutritional risk to this disease is lack of potassium and lot of salts. Too much salts leads to high blood pressure and potassium controls the amount of salts in the body. Without a balanced diet you lose this both and you are at a high risk to high blood pressure.

3. Lack of exercises

          As above people are working 24/7 these days. So they have no time to do some exercises. No exercises means all the extra salts, fats, cholesterol deposit inside. When these types deposit inside the body it disturb many processes in the body and that risks us for this disease.

4. Stress

          Stress is also a main factor for this disease. These days because of peoples’ busyness they do not get enough sleep and always with problems. That is the main reason for the stress now. Bad mental level is proportional to high blood pressure. With the stress you incline for drinking alcohol, smoking and other bad habits and those risk you.

5. Primary Diseases

          Some of the primary diseases also could be a reason for high blood pressure. Some of them are kidney diseases, stress, thyroid problems and obesity. For an example if you are a person with obesity, your blood process is higher than others because more and more blood need for your nutrients and oxygen supply. If you are a primary diseased person with these diseases you better be careful.

5. Economy

          Economy also effect this. Because of the lack of money people do not get a balanced and healthy diet. Also they are always in stress. So that they are in danger to be susceptible to this disease.

6. Consume high amount of alcohol and smoking

          This is also a major factor for this disease. Because of the high amount of alcohol that consumes by a person per day and smoking can also lead to this disease. As above say they give their attention for drinks and smoke with the stress and due to various factors. So this can affect your heart very badly.

7. Genetics

          For your knowledge this disease can be transfer through families too. Not much. But it is also a factor. If a person has hypertension his or her nephews have some risk. But by the correct habits and life style you do not need to worry about this much.

Did you know the signs and symptoms of high blood pressure (hypertension)?

Signs and symptoms of high blood pressure you should know to prevent from high blood pressure
Signs and symptoms of high blood pressure

          So we’ve talked about the reasons. Now if you are a person with high blood pressure how you identify it? Someone telling you that you have that? Your body tells you? Nah. You should know there is no specific sign or symptom to identify if a person has this disease or not. It’s bad isn’t it? Truly it is bad. Because if a person is in a life threatening level with this disease you can never know. Some people might show some symptoms like headaches but we cannot tell specifically the disease is this or another one.

          The one and only chance you can identify whether you are a person with this disease or not is checking your blood pressure level. From that you can get a clear idea whether you have it or not. Don’t be lazy. It’s for the good. This is the only successful way. You should check your blood pressure level at least per two years. But it’s best if you check that per year in a case you unknowingly at a risk to secondary hypertension or you are older than 35 or 40 years. Remember this. This is your life not mine. You should try hard to protect it.

          By giving your attention for these yearly checkups you can easily manage this disease by doing the right thing at the right time.

          But now I know you have a one big question.

How I measure my blood pressure correctly?

          Don’t be afraid. I’m here to tell you how to check your or your closers at home without the help of a doctor. But remember this. It’s best if you check this with medical advices. So if your family doctor available please meet him. He will give you great advices if you are in a bad situation. As my duty to protect you I simply will tell you how you can measure your blood pressure level correctly. Let’s see.

          For your own good I will point out the way you should follow when you check blood pressure of another person.

  • Tell the person to sit down
  • Tell him or her not to talk
  • He or she must be sitting on a chair with backrest
  • Person’s feet should be kept on either side
  • Person’s feet should be kept flat on the floor
  • Make sure person get an armrest
  • Wrap the center of the arm with the wrapping part of the blood pressure apparatus at the level of heart. Its lower edge should be at least 3 inches above the elbow
  • First check the blood pressure by pulse monitoring and then check the blood pressure by stethoscope

          This is how you simply check the blood pressure of your homie. By the correct way you will get a clear measure.

How to treat for high blood pressure (hypertension)?

Treatment for high blood pressure
Treatment for high blood pressure

          With the correct guidance you can treat this disease by your own. For better I will give you the treatments via 4 steps. That will help you out from this disease easily and properly. Ok let’s see.

1. The urge to get rid of high blood pressure

          From this you will manage to concentrate on identifying the reasons for this disease and on minimizing them.

2. Setting up an aimed blood pressure level

          You have to work to a certain goal. It’s important for your life too. In this case don’t set up an aim that you cannot reach. Try to reduce your blood pressure level by 5%-10% from your total blood pressure within a week or two. Then keep it on. That’s how you have to do this.

          Let me tell you about your aimed blood pressure level according to your conditions.

Conditions BP Level (mmHg)
Above 60 below 150/90
Below 60 below 140/90
All ages + Diabetes below 140/90
All ages + Diabetes + Kidney disease below 140/90
    Blood pressure level according to the condition of a person

3. Changing the life style

          First thing is you should focus on your diet. Your diet must obey the following rules.

  • Foods with low amount of salt
  • Foods with low amount of sugar
  • Should be balanced nutritionally
  • Quitting the usage of alcohol
  • Quitting active or passive smoking

          Second thing is you should focus on your daily exercises. Not only for this, have exercises brought you the overall healthiness in heart and respiratory system too. You must engage in 30-45 minutes for a day for 3-5 days per week. That way you can treat this disease from your home.

          Another thing is also your behavioral pattern. Here are some things you should work out in your daily plan to get rid of this.

  • Focus on health promotional programs
  • Keeping attention for your health by keeping records
  • Do not use foods with high salt and sugar

4. Medication

          You should first try the above mentioned things. Always keep this in mind. “Do not move to the medications first when there are healthy alternatives”. But if and if only in a case of above methods did not working you can use medications for handling this disease. For an example most common medications those are used to control blood pressure level are Thiazide diuretics, Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors (ACEI) and Calcium Channel Blockers (CCB). There are some other medications too that are depend on the patient’s diseases and personal symptoms such as Beta Blockers and Centrally Acting Antihypertensive. Remember before you focus on medication you should really meet your doctor. Otherwise don’t.

What you have to do for prevent from high blood pressure (hypertension)?

the way you have to follow torevent from high blood pressure
Prevent from high blood pressure

          You guys heard that prevention is better than cure. Sure. So now I will lead you to how we can prevent this from happening. From the above passage you can understand this is a headache than a disease if we did not manage to prevent from this. For your good I will tell how to prevent this by 3 points.

1. Controlling your mouth

          The thing is if you shut your mouth for the bad things there is not much such a thing as diseases. But that is the thing that most people can’t. Here are some things to do.

  • First thing is you should really quit smoking
  • You should quit consuming alcohol too
  • Reduce the daily usage of salts to about 5g
  • Less intake of food with high sugar and fat
  • Always try to get a well-balanced diet

2. Changing physical activities

running gives us the energy and the proper exercises to the body

          The importance if exercises is that they remove the extra salt, sugar and fat in the body. And also as I said it helps to improve your heart and respiratory activities. Don’t you think it’s worth a shot? Here is the way you should follow.

  • You should start this slowly as a start and then you have to extend the works. And the other thing is you should follow a same way for your exercises. Do not use one way for one day and another for another. At least you should engage in exercises for 30-45 minutes for a day for 3-5 days a week
  • Be active always and engage in medium or hard physical activities

3. Focus on your behavioral patterns

          Changing your behavioral pattern is also an important fact to prevent this disease. Here are some tips.

  • Healthy kitchen and healthy meal
  • Keeping daily records of body health
  • Always try to grow your essential veges and fruits
  • Always try to focus on health promoting programs
  • Avoid forcing children for foods

Did you know causes, effects and consequences of high blood pressure (hypertension)?effects of a disease are the greatest threats to our lives


          I think it is best if I tell you the consequences of this disease directly so that you are no longer get this as simple and you will able to manage this thing before it happens. Let’s roll then. Here are some diseases and the body parts it affects most.


  • Heart attack
  • Failures in the heart
  • Left ventricular failure

Blood vessels

  • Disorders in the peripheral blood vessels


  • kidney failure
  • Changes of the blood vessels in kidneys

Brain and neuro

  • Stroke
  • Transient ischemic attacks (TIA)


  • Damage the retina
  • Changes of the blood vessels in the eye

You thought this is simple though. But now what? This is why I told you this is not as simple as you think at the beginning. But don’t worry. I’m not. Why? Because I always do my best to prevent from high blood pressure. With that these diseases can’t even think about me.

By preventing from this disease you are able to prevent from many heart diseases and from destroy targeted organs. So I helped you to identify and manage this disease. It’s your duty to understand these things and prevent from this disease and live a long and happy life. Let’s end high blood pressure (hypertension)……..

"People with high blood pressure, diabetes - those are conditions brought about by life style. If you change the life style, those conditions will leave"
- Dick Gregory
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