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As I said above vitamin C increases the absorption of iron and lower the risk to infecting diseases. For getting the necessary amount of vitamin for the day mother should take 3 or 4 fruits. From that she can keep the proper health level that she needs in pregnancy. Some foods those are rich in vitamin C are fruits like guava, cashew, orange, lemon, papaw, pineapple and veges like tomato, beet and some green leaves

Important facts about fruits and vegetables

"Vegetables are food of the earth, but fruits are taste of the heaven"
- Terri Guillemets

             You know what fruits and vegetables are? You should know that. If you don’t you better set an appointment with your lawyer, not with your doctor. Because you might need your last will and testament docs soon. Fruits and vegetables are that much important for your health and they bring you a happy and long life. But am I true? How you trust me? Don’t! I will tell you one by one how these resources make our lives better and better. After that you will definitely trust me. If you not then too, your bad guys. So in this article I will guide you some important facts you should know about fruits and vegetables, nutritional value, how you should use them correctly and some other points. Let’s begin…..

The micro nutrients those are available in fruits and vegetables

Nutrients available in fruits and vegetables that prevent our body from diseases and maintain body health
Nutrients available in fruits and vegetables

             Before we talk about the importance of these natural resources you should know the inner case. By the inner case, I mean the ingredients. There are many micro nutrients inside these fruits and vegetables. Some of them are unable to get from other foods too. Let me give you some of those nutrients

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Folates
  • Antioxidants
  • Fiber

             So guys you are getting to understand the benefits of these fruits and vegetables if we manage to consume them properly. Those are nutrient mines

What fruits and vegetables contain micro nutrients?

Nutrients and riched fruits and vegetables which healps to keep our body healthy
Nutrients and riched fruits and vegetables

             So you know the types of nutrients inside these fruits and vegetables. In this one I will tell you some example fruits and some example vegetables that contain above nutrients so you will manage to include them in your diet. Wait! Not you will, you must

Type of nutrient Fruits Vegetables
Vitamin C guava, lemons, papaya, orange, strawberry tomato, kale, snow peas, broccoli, mustard spinach
Vitamin A mango, papaya, grapefruit, watermelon, passion fruit  sweet potato, carrot, spinach, turnip greens, collards – (all cooked)
Iron apples, banana, pomegranates, dried fruits spinach, leeks, green beans, podded peas
Potassium bananas, oranges, cantaloupe, honeydew, apricots potatoes, mushrooms, cucumbers, pumpkins, spinach
Magnesium avocados, guavas, bananas, kiwi fruit, papayas spinach, swiss chard, edamame, okra, potato with skin
Folates orange, papaya, banana, peanuts, avocado beans, turnip greens, spinach, romaine lettuce, asparagus
Antioxidants avocado, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry cabbage, beets, sweet potato, pumpkin, artichoke
Fiber pears, strawberry, avocado, apple, banana carrots, beets, broccoli, kidney beans, chick peas
                 Nutrients and the plentiful fruits and vegetables

             Now you know which fruit contain which nutrient and which vegetable contain which nutrient. So try to include these things in your diet in a correct way which I will mention below in this article. From that you will manage to keep your health level at a healthy level

Amount of fruits and vegetables should contain in your daily food plan

Adequate amount of fruits and vegetables should contain in our daily meal
Adequate amount of fruits and vegetables

             From the above part you’ve identified the fruits and vegetables those contain the mentioned nutrients. I know you have a question now. “I know what kinds of fruits and vegetables I should include in my meal, but how and what amounts of those should I include in the meal?” that’s the question you all have right now. Am I wrong? If I wrong don’t mention it in the comments ok. So let me give a simple one sentence to resolve your question

You should include at least,

  • 5 kinds of vegetables
  • 3 kinds of green leaves
  • 2 kinds of fruits

                         based on suggested servings for your meals for a day

I think you got my point. So that is the amount of fruits and vegetables you should consume daily for a healthy lifestyle. But, you have another question? No? I have one. You might not see that correctly. But there is an unknown term I’ve mentioned. If you’ve missed there it is

What is a suggested serving?

suggested serving id using adequate amounts of foods for meal
suggested serving

             The meaning of a suggested serving is the amount of above mentioned fruits, vegetables and leaves that must contain in one meal. Not for the day just for one meal ok? So I will give a rough idea how we can connect this unknown term to our meal

Just include these things beside the main nutrients in your meal

(1) 3 table spoons, if cooked vegetables
(2)Full mug filled, if raw vegetables or salad
(3) As fruits, include one of the followings
  • 1 normal sized banana, orange, mango
  • Piece of papaw with width 1 inch
  • Piece of pineapple with width half inch
  • Half of the mug filled, if chopped fruit
  • A normal glass of mixed fruit juice
  • 2 table spoons, if dried fruit

             Now you know how to add these valuable resources to your meal. Remember I’m talking about only fruits and vegetables. But you should keep in your mind to get a balanced diet which include all the nutritional components. If you want to get a knowledge about how your overall diet should be, please focus on Proper Healthy Diet According To Your BMI Value

Facts you should consider when adding fruits and vegetables to your meal

fruits you should add to your food plan for a better health
fruits you should add to your food plan

             There are some point you should focus when you add above mentioned foods in to your meal. For your better knowledge I will share those tiny points with you so you will manage to do the right thing in a better way

  • It is much better if you use slightly ripe fruits for your daily consumption
  • Try to add some fruits and vegetables with red, yellow and green colors for your daily meal
  • Reduce the usage of extra fruits

             These are some small things. But I thought it might be helpful in some way. I will try to give you the all knowledge you need about these things

What should I know when preparing these foods for the meal

correct way of preparing fruits and vegetables for consumption
correct way of preparing fruits and vege’s for consumption

             This is the most important thing that most of you do not consider much. But let me show you the importance of this. We get these fruits and vegetables because we need much nutrients. But what if the nutrients of them are gone before we eat? How did that happen? It’s the preparation. You must have a better knowledge when you prepare these for your meal. If you don’t, the nutrients could be destroyed because our simple mistakes. But don’t worry. I will tell you what would be those mistakes so you can prevent them and give your family a better nutritional plate

             I will give 5 points you should consider to prevent destroying the needed nutrients when preparing fruits and vegetables for consumption

  • Try to use fresh and clean fruits and vegetables for the meal as always possible
  • Wash the foods before cutting them
  • Cook them as soon as you cut them
  • Minimize the cooking time
  • Consume the food as soon as you finished cooking

             Now you know the basic things. So do not made mistakes in the preparation so you can take a well nutritional diet with all of your family members

Benefits of consuming fruits and vegetables daily

healthy body gained by the nutrients of fruits and vegetables
Benefits on fruits and vege’s

             The main function to the body by these fruits and vegetables is the body receives no shortage of essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. So that leads us to following benefits

  • Increasing the ability to resist diseases
  • Control increasing the body weight
  • Control the absorption of cholesterol and sugar to the body
  • Reduce constipation
  • Reduce the risk for cancers
  • Adding various flavors to the meal
  • Make the meal pleasant

             So now guys you know the benefits of these natural resources. These important nutritional mines we can easily get daily from our garden. For that you should try to grow fruits and vegetables in your garden. Believe me these days it is the best thing you can do because they are completely poison less. So with your courage you will manage to get these important natural resources with your garden fresh and clean. Those are the few important facts I wanted to tell you guys about fruits and vegetables. Hope you might get some knowledge and it will help for your healthy life. Be safe and eat nice…..

"I don't think I'll ever grow old and say, 'what was I thinking eating all those fruits and vegetables' . "
- Nancy S. Mure
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