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We are a group of people who are willing to sacrifice their time, labor and money for the well being of the people in the society. The main goal of this group is to give the necessary health knowledge through creative content so that people who interested in maintain their health status are taking healthy actions for that

Most people have the strength to think that they must be healthy for the better of their family and closures. But the problem is they have nit enough knowledge. So that’s why we are here. We help you to get the necessary knowledge you need to be healthy and you will manage to live a happy, healthy and long life with your closures. That’s our dream

The content of this website is created by a single person named Dr Shield. He is an experienced private doctor who is famous in his medical field. At this far he had a great career. He will definitely continue that. It’s your luck that he is sharing his knowledge with you. He is the person on behalf of our community who create these amazing and helpful articles for you

However if our dear readers alert any kind of issue with our content ( for examples unclear, incomplete, inaccurate, copied or outdated ) , we will take necessary actions and our editor will immediately take precautions for finding the solutions and republishing the content as you want. We need your ideas for our improvements. So don’t think it as disgrace. Just inform us

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As we’ve mentioned earlier, if the readers have any issue with our content we’ve given you some ways of contacting us via simple methods. We are expecting to have a great conversation with you and find you some better answers as soon as possible.

We are highly concerned about your privacy. Your details are highly protective with us and we promise your privacy will never be revealed. If you don’t want to give us the details please don’t think twice. Your privacy is major to us. You have any problem with that please contact [email protected]

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special note

Health Safety Guide is a digital publisher. Please be informed that we are not supplying medical health services or advices. If you have any kind of emergency please call your emergency services or nearest hospital or health care. Please inform your personal health adviser before testing these procedures because we are publishing these contents considering overall people. You should consider your health status carefully before start following these articles. We will take care of the rest of your health 

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