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10 Life Skills That Make Adolescence Beautiful

10 Life Skills That Make Adolescence Beautiful

"Adolescence is like having only enough light to see the step directly in front of you"
- Sarah Addison Allen, The Girl Who Chased the Moon

          We all are passing various stages in our life. So as we face to the challenges and various situations we should know how to overcome them with the use of our life skills. At present these challenges have been increases because of the competitiveness of the society. So as the people who are willing to overcome the tasks of their lives and achieve the goals we must develop life skills. From this article i will talk about 10 life skills that make adolescence, a very special stage of your life beautiful and successful and guide you how to achieve your targets via these life skills. Let’s begin

1. Self – awareness

Self awareness is a basic life skill you should improve in your adolescence
Self awareness
  • Before we learn about the society and the challenges we should first learn about ourselves. By then and only then we could manage to identify who we are and how we could win our adolescence
  • Self awareness is understanding yourselves or get a better knowledge about you and the way of living
  • Who am I? What kind of character do I have? abilities and strength I have? the things I appreciate mostly? the qualities I have? the goals and ambitions in front of my life? kind of thoughts do I have? my responsibilities and weaknesses? From asking yourself these questions you can get a better knowledge about yourself
  • You can develop this skill by involving home and social activities, talking to each other about your thoughts with family, writing your thoughts in a diary, focus on others’ goodwill, trying various innovative activities, express your ideas and hear out others’, keeping aims in life etc.
  • You can confirm your self awareness by doing a self assessment of one’s contribution after engaging in an activity

2. Sympathy

Sympathy is a basic life skill you should improve in your adolescence
  • If we are living in a society we have to look out for each other. That is the way a society can build up against common problems. Sympathy is an essential factor for this
  • Sympathy means the understanding that you get about others’ lives and help them to stand up against their problems unitedly
  • You will achieve this skill or quality by understanding others’ thoughts and feelings, by hearing them out if you feel those are your own problems you are good at this
  • So on this life skill will help you to help him or her to resolve the questionable situation and make him or her mentally happy
  • This is an important factor to make your adolescence great and beautiful and the society too

3. Effective communication

Effective communication
Effective communication
  • No matter how hard we tried to make our adolescence bright, if communication among us is bad there will not be a helpful society to beautify our adolescence
  • Effective communication is the correct way of expressing our ideas and hearing out others’ in the society. This skill is very important in the adolescence period to maintain proper relationships
  • You should develop this skill to express your felling loud and clear to others and to build up the connection between the people you are in relationships in your adolescence
  • We can express our ideas about our needs, expectations and others successfully if we manage to identify one another hose who are close to us correctly
  • This communicational skill leads us to find others’ needs, express our ideas without hurting them and to find answers to others’ and your own problems too. That will make your adolescence and your society brightful

4. inter – personal relationships

Inter personal relationships is a basic life skill you should improve in your adolescence
Inter personal relationships
  • So we’ve talked about effective communication. As the results of that we can build up a important skill, inter-personal relationships that help us still in our life
  • The relationships that we develop among the closures and the members of the society are the inter-personal relationships
  • This is a very important factor you must have when you are in adolescence because that is the period you identify the society and try to maintain the life with relationships
  • You can develop this by helping others, hearing others’ feelings and ideas, working unitedly, effective communication, and mostly trying to understand each other
  • From this life skill you will manage to resolve the problems in your life, get correct decisions in correct time, work unitedly by understanding each other and other many things
  • You should have the ability to maintain a proper relationship with the people of your society without any conditions such as nationality, religion, poverty and education

5. Emotional control

Emotional control
Emotional control
  • When you are working with your colleagues you must have the skill of controlling your emotional activities for their and your own good
  • This means the ability to control your excitements when you working with each other
  • Sad, angry, happy, pride, shame and embarrassment are the emotions you could get in your adolescence. You must have the ability to control these
  • You can control your emotions by simply thinking the actions you take and their consequences after you doing something based on your emotions
  • It is important acting open and intervening minded in situations like happy, sad, victory and defeat to control your emotions
  • You must develop this life skill to avoid unexpected instances that you have to face as a result of angry and sad situations in your adolescence

6. Strength to face stress

effects of a disease are the greatest threats to our lives and to overcome them Strength to face stress is a main factor
Strength to face stress
  • Adolescence is a period that we have to face for various moments that bring us mental distresses. So to beautify our adolescence we have to build up the strength to face them
  • Some examples for stressful situations we have to face in adolescence are facing exams, facing interviews, driving vehicles, speaking in front of people, talking to high ranks, etc.
  • Stress can be happen due to working without time management, missing the daily works and doing all the missing works in the last moment
  • To avoid these things you should manage your time properly, engage in entertainment activities, sleep well, not missing daily works and there are so many other things to do to be happy always
  • By understanding these situations earlier and by taking correct precautions to avoid them we can build up the strength to face stressful incidents and win out adolescence

7. Creative thinking

Creative thinking is a basic life skill you should improve in your adolescence
Creative thinking
  • This is a skill that most of you have in this stage. But you don’t know is how to apply your ability to be a great character to the society
  • You should look creatively before you engage in some activity. That means by using your abilities you should think a correct way to do something before you make a certain decision
  • For example you need your creative abilities to do a certain work with the existing recourses without getting mad by thinking about the recourses you have not
  • You can develop your existing creative ability by engage in sports and music, engage in leadership activities, look all in open minded and many more
  • This life skill leads us to raise a better decision when you are making decisions in your adolescence and it helps lot to make you better

8. Critical viewing

Critical viewing
Critical viewing
  • This is also a very important skill you should have to develop some good qualities in the adolescence period of your life
  • This means avoiding one’s own mistakes and focusing on the goods by examining the good and the bad through one’s own experience and the experience of others
  • For example you will manage to select the ones best for you without focusing on posts in the social medias, teledramas with no quality, programs and fashions
  • When we doing something by viewing the something, the way we doing something and the result of something critically we are able to do that something better always
  • That is why I told you at the beginning this skill is a must skill and it will help you to be nice and a great character in your adolescence stage

9. Decision making ability

Decision making is a basic life skill you should improve in your adolescence
Decision making
  • You are always a leader in this stage. So you must have the ability to get the correct decision at the correct time when needed
  • You can develop this life skill by developing critical viewing, creative thinking, engaging in team events and sports, engage in programs of leadership and many more
  • And you might need the experience that you get from your inter-personal relationships for making a correct and fine decision
  • You can get the correct and the best one from many decisions in front of you by considering all directions if and if only you have this skill
  • So as a person in adolescence period you must have this decision making ability to maintain your personality and guide others the correct way

10. Ability to solve problems

Solving problems
Solving problems
  • This is close to the topic we’ve talked earlier about decision making. As you are able to make a decision you must manage to solve a problem
  • To make this skill really good you should first try to develop the other skills we’ve talked about earlier in this article
  • Mostly with the help of creative thinking and critical viewing this skill helps us to face the challenges and the problems in our adolescence bravely and properly
  • As you are a leader in this stage you must develop this skill in you and you should try to do the best for you and the others using this
  • From that you will manage to make your adolescence bright and beautiful

So I’ve guide you via step by step how you can be a great personality and achieve your personal targets in your adolescence period by facing many many challenges that we have to face in day to day life with these life skills. It is your choice whether you have a better one or not. It is my responsibility to guide you.         So I did mine. Try to do yours. By then you will manage to make your adolescence bright and beautiful. Refer this life skills article again and again it will help not only your adolescence, for your life time. Good luck!!!

"Everyday of your life is a another lesson. If you learn the lesson well and apply it; whether positive or negative, you determine what happens in your tomorrow"
- David Kofi Awusi
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